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Increase Closet Space

Each pack comes with ten clips to help your find ten hats faster and easier.

Use the Hangers You Own

Just the clips and that’s it—hang your hats using your own standard clothes hangers.

Works with All Button-Top Hats

The perfect storage organizer for baseball hats, fitted hats, trucker hats and snapback hats.

Unique Design Prevents Damage

The hook and button-top grip prevent hat damage—no more bent bills or wrinkles.
With Caiman
Without Caiman

Caiman Hat Clips: Free Up Space with an Organized Display of Your Hats

Set up Caiman Hat Clips in seconds and make spring cleaning a little easier.

One end of a Caiman Hat Clip slips around the button found on the top of a hat. The other end is a hook that can be placed on a velvet coat hanger, the wireframe of closet shelving or anything else you’d like to hang a cap!

No more hat damage—keep your hats hanging in their natural position.

This cap holder helps to prevent your hats from being folded, smashed, contorted or stretched. No more bent bills or wrinkled fabric caused by stacking hats on each other, smushing caps in drawers or being left on the ground.