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Caiman is back with an improved version of the hat clip, as well as NEW products that will take your closet organization to the next level.
We’re reintroducing three brand new clips to organize your other favorite accessories! In addition to the hat clip, we now have solutions for storing belts, ties and scarves. Our new clips are just as easy to use and are redesigned not only to maximize your storage space, but also to help you easily construct your personal style.

With Caiman products, you never have to settle for less space or risk damaging your accessories again.

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Hat Clip 2.0

Our new, improved hat clip has all the same features as our original hat clip, but we’ve perfected our design to fit your needs. We’ve designed the clip to attach more securely to hangers to prevent the clips from sliding, and hats from falling, even when a hat is removed and weight distribution is uneven.

In addition, the new hat clip has a more secure grip on the hat button, holding hats firmly without the need to tug, pull or damage your hat when removing it from the clip.

Belt Clip

Our new belt clip easily secures your belt by the buckle, allowing your belts to hang without bending or creasing.

The Caiman belt clip is a space saver, freeing up space in your drawers and keeping your closet organized. The secure design keeps belts from slipping while you search for the one you need.

Tie Clip

Increase the longevity of your ties with our new tie clip. Hanging your ties will reduce wrinkles and creases in the material, plus make room for more ties!

With our tie clips, you can organize your ties in your own way, making finding and matching your ties easy.

Scarf Clip

Whether you’re looking for in-season scarf organizing, or scarf storage during the warmer months, our new scarf clip is the perfect solution.

Our simple design is easy to use and works for all types of scarves. Bonus – displaying your scarves will add your personal style to your closet.

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